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GPD MicroPC High Performance Utility Laptop 6"

GPD MicroPC High Performance Utility Laptop 6"

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The MicroPC

As small as a phone, this device is packed with a high performance laptop/desktop style motherboard to outpace all other small format device competitors. The MicroPC strives to fill the role of a portable Win10 utility Laptop with its revolutionary new design. Not to mention its unrivaled interface/connectivity abilities and its ability to withstand almost any environment, there is almost no end to its possible uses.

The MicroPC is Perfect for network engineers, construction workers, engineers programmers, and could even be used as a portable processing unit (with a Laptop interface).


  • Featuring a compact yet fully featured, backlit keyboard, and a high set trackpad, the MicroPC is designed to be used from the palms, allowing for full use sitting down, standing up, or even while walking.

  • Runs a quad-core quad thread processor, running up to 2.4ghz, coupled with 8GB ram, and a liquid-vapor cooling system allowing the computer to maximize high-quality performance in a 6-inch package.

  • Additionally, the MicroPC features a 128GB SSD, which is able to be upgraded up to 2Tb (it's possible to upgrade to 2Tb but conditions apply).

  • The Micro PC offers a sheer unrivaled level of connectivity. It features a Serial Port, widely used in industrial instrumentation.

  • 3 USB-B 3.0 ports for any accessories you may want to plug in, a full-sized HDMI Port, an 8p8c/Ethernet Cable Port, a Micro SD Card Slot, a full featured USB-C , and an Audio Jack.

In-Depth Product Details


In total, the MicroPC has 1x Serial/Com Port, 1x 8p8c Ethernet Port, 1x Micro SD port, 1x Audio Jack, 1x USB C port, 3x USB b ports.

The RS-232 serial port is widely used to connect industrial instrumentation, mainframe computers, mouses, keyboards, printers, etc. The RS-485 from RS-232 can achieve the data communication at 1200m and 100Kbps. The MicroPC has built-in Gigabit NIC (Lan/Ethernet Cable), and it supports wired network access through the RJ45 interface.

Three USB 3.0 interfaces and one Micro SD slot support up to 4 external storage devices. It is possible to extend even more peripherals through USB-C hubs. The microSDXC slot carries the microSDXC card that is UHS-I bus, Class 10 standard, U2 grade, and A1 specification, which supports the minimum random read and write I/O performance up to 1500 IOPS / 500 IOPS. The maximum data transfer at 104MB/s. 

The MicroPC supports PD 2.0-based fast charging, supporting all standard USB-C chargers as well as all 5V/3A-based mobile phone chargers and portable power sources/power banks from its USB-C port.

Product Build and Interfaces

The Micro PC has a compacted but fully functional and optimized keyboard, as well as a full-sized trackpad and buttons, laid out to allow full use while it is held in your palms.
Clicks can be done through the right-hand side buttons or directly through the trackpad. Overall, this design allows you to retain full use of function while sitting down, standing up, or even while walking. The qwerty keyboard is also backlit to meet the emergency needs at night, or in no light/dim light. The power button and fan toggle are located above the keyboard.
The MicroPC has a 6” high definition (HD) wide color gamut (WCG) screen, with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4. With the 178 degree view, users can obtain an excellent visual experience at any angle. Comes with a 1280x720 resolution and 3000: 1 static contrast. The rotatable axis supports step-less adjustment for the maximum stretch of 150 degrees.
  • The development of the MicroPc's infrastructure is made from an anti-shock aviation-level ABS synthetic resin (LG-DOW 121H). With a thickness of 1mm,  it is flame retardant, high-heat resistant, and also has a Rockwell hardness up to 109 R, and bending strength up to 26000kg/cm2.
  • Its integrity rate reaches 97.63% when dropped from 1.5 meters.
  • On the back, the 45 degree-inclined air outlet protects the external interfaces from dust accumulation and dissipates heat more smoothly, as well as having an oversized bottom vent to readily extract dust to avoid internal build-up of dust (in lieu of standard type ingress protection).  
  • Two copper nuts (suitable for 2.5mm-diameter screws) are embedded on the back to permit customers to fix the machine in various complex environments. This also permits the MicroPC to be attachable to any rotatable hanger, stand, lift, tray, bracket, etc.

Cpu and Graphics

The MicroPC uses an Intel 8th gen Gemini Lake N4100 Embedded processor with a  CPU TDP of up to 10W. The Quad-Core Quad thread design allows the core to outperform its dual-core contemporaries, not only in multi-core tests but single-core ones as well.

  • The N4100 processor has a reference frequency range between 1.10 GHz and 2.4 GHz.
  • The MicroPC uses 9.5-generation Intel UHD Graphics 600, supporting an operating frequency up to 700MHz, which increases the bandwidth by 33% over the previous generations.
  • it Supports 10-bit 4K VP9 film decoding, while the thermally-designed power consumption is only 10W, which can be called a low-power decoder. It is ideal for home theaters, personal computers (HTPC), and as a game console.
  • The output of 4K×2K/60p HD video is available via the HDMI 2.0 interface. The processor is augmented with 8 Gb of DDR4 Memory, and a 128GB M2 2242 SSD which can be upgraded or replaced (We offer upgrades up to a 2TB SSD as a third party). 

The MicroPC applies a PC-level cooling solution with the active cooling design and high-power turbofan, allowing it to get significantly more performance out of its N4100 chip. The fan is configurable by being able to turn it on and off using a switch located above the keyboard. This toggle is useful for high dust environments or low noise requirements.

Our MicroPC also utilizes a 9.5-generation Intel® UHD Graphics 600, supports operating frequency up to 700MHz and increases the bandwidth by 33% over the previous generation. It supports 10-bit 4K VP9 film decoding, while the thermally-designed power consumption is only 6W.

Memory and Storage

The MicroPC's built-in M.2 interface, together with the standard 128GB SSD for M.2 2242 interface, can expand the large-capacity SSD with any standard M.2 2442 SSD. This of course also would allow any 2TB M.2 2442 SSD to be installed.

The hard disk is tested for continuous reading and writing, with a 576MB/s read rate and 465MB/s written rate.

The MicroPC fits 8 GB of high-frequency LPDDR4 ram which is mounted directly on the motherboard next to the CPU for optimized maximum speed.


The MicroPC has a dual 3100 mAh battery in series giving it a total of 23-watt hours of charge, allowing it to have a battery life of anywhere between 5 to 10 hours depending on the workload applied.

Wifi and Bluetooth

The MicroPC supports wireless 2.4G/5G dual bands, with a dual-channel max transfer rate of 433Mbps and a built-in Bluetooth 4.2 module that supports IPv6 connectivity options to make data transfer more effective and with even faster speeds.





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