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GPD Pocket 3 Universal Utility Computer [i7-1195G7 16GB/1TB]

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  • Description

    The Pocket 3 is an ultraportable 2 in 1 universal laptop computer that fits a full keyboard and feature set into a tiny 8-inch inch package. Flexible and Versatile, the Pocket 3s unusual layout allows it to be  fully used while standing up or walking from the palms, as a standard laptop, or even act as the core of a Desktop workspace (in the capacity of a Desktop tower)

    With a handy 8 inch frame, and ~700 gram body, the Pocket 3 is exceptionally light and easy to carry, while still retaining a feature set far beyond the average laptop.  It fits a new-gen low TDP intel i7 quad-core, allowing it to match and surpass many previous generation desktops under single and multi-core loads. May Update: We are now also offer a mid performance model with an Intel Pentium (standard Ultrabook level) processor and 8GB Ram/512GB storage, but otherwise with all the same features.

    Additionally, the Pocket 3 has a modular port system, allowing the ability to switch between modules for;  extending the existing ports, RS-232 interface, or portable KVM functionality, to meet the needs of different applications/scenarios.

    Processor & Thermal Design

    The Pocket 3 (high performance model) is running the Intel Gen 11 Tiger Lake-U series  i7-1195g7 processor - a quad-core, octuple thread processor, running up to 5 GHz- matching the performance of most mid to high-end desktops in multi-core performance, and surpassing all but the newest desktop processors in single-core performance/speed. For comparison to mainline high-performance desktop processors, it has the same to better performance in multi-core as the I7-8700H Desktop processor, and up to 45% better performance in a single thread.

    The high performance model of the Pocket 3 is also fitted with Intel Gen12 Iris Xe Graphics running at up to 1.3ghz. It runs with a bit higher performance than the MX350 GPUs and is about equivalent to or slightly lower performance to the MX450 GPUs (for most tasks having the much faster CPU will be helping performance and picking up some of the slack from the GPU).

    The mid-performance model Pocket 3 is running the Intel N6000 Pentium processor, a quad core processor running from 1.1 GHz to 3.3GHz, and including the Intel UHD 630 Graphics processor running at up to 850 MHz.  Compared to similar devices, the sheer cooling capability (same as the high performance model) which allows it to extract much higher performance from the CPU.

    To make the most of these components the Pocket 3 has an air-powered liquid-vapour cooling system to keep its components cool and to maximize
    the performance from its components, without any limitations from its small form factor.



    The high performance Pocket 3 has One Terabyte of SSD storage, with an M.2 NVMe SSD that has a read rate of 2k-7.8k MB/s (fast enough to match the USB4 interface). The SSD can be further upgraded with almost any M.2 2280 SSD of the same format, being fully compatible with most Desktop SSDs (allowing you to theoretically upgrade up to 4TB of storage)

    Additionally, to take maximum advantage of the processor the Pocket 3 has 16GB of onboard LPDDR4x 4266 ram, to provide low memory latency, avoid any performance bottlenecks, and take the best advantage of the relatively fast processor.

    The mid-performance model Pocket 3 has 512 GB of SSD storage, and 8GB of LPDDR4x 2933 Ram, which is more than enough for the majority of its uses, but may not stand up when running very intensive loads, or many programs running medium loads (but is more than enough for having multiple tabs and windows open in a web browser).




    The Pocket 3 is the culmination of the design features of the P2 Max, Pocket 2, and MicroPC product lines, all using the next generation high-performance components introduced with the design of the Win 3 gaming computers.

    The Pocket 3 is so designed for 4 different modes of use:


     High portability:  It can be used as a device that doesn't need to be set down, and allows for full usage while held in the hands/palms. This is to allow use while standing up, walking or in a vehicle - in general retaining full functionality in situations absent of a static or useable work surface (for computers). The keyboard and trackpad are designed to allow typing/keyboard use and mouse movement with the thumbs when held from the palms, as well as additional mouse buttons specifically to allow full mouse functionality from this position.

    As a Tablet: As a similar end for tasks where the same level of portability is required, but there is less focus on tactile input or high-intensity tasks, the Pocket 3 can also fold into a tablet. Importantly the Pocket 3 transforms based on a vertical hinge, meaning that the screen rotates laterally 180 degrees and closes down. This allows the Pocket 3 to be used as a tablet while avoiding associated issues with a horizontal hinge 2-in-1 that places the keyboard on the underside of the computer.

    As a Standard Laptop: The Pocket 3 has a full-sized and backlit qwerty keyboard and trackpad for use in the capacity of a standard laptop. The Pocket 3 has a full feature set of a standard laptop including a front-facing webcam and a significant amount of ports for a device of the size. The Pocket 3 also has a modular port system allowing it to switch between 3 different modules depending on application - to allow Rs 232 capability, allow usage as a portable KVM (with HDMI in and USB-C passthrough of keyboard and mouse ), or just to add extra ports to the computer.

    As the Core of a Desktop Setup: One of the main draws of the Pocket 3 is its raw performance and extendability, allowing it to function in the capacity of a desktop tower. Generally, a desktop functionality is set up by adding one or more monitors (with HDMI/USB-C monitors respectively) and connecting a keyboard and or mouse to. The Pocket 3 can either continue to provide keyboard, mouse or screen functions or neatly fold away due to its tiny form factor. This allows you to effectively use the same device in both a home and work desktop set up, while still having it available for use as a standard laptop and on the go.

    Please Note: For tasks that require very hefty graphical performance, the Pocket 3 uses external GPU units, when its internal GPU is not powerful enough. These allow you to plug in and use any existing Desktop graphics card in place of the internal graphics processor. These units will need to be purchased separately when required.


    With a handy 8 inch frame, and ~700 gram body, the Pocket 3 is exceptionally light and easy to carry, while still retaining a feature set far beyond the average laptop. The Pocket 3 is built with a light and strong fully aluminium body in a unibody design polished and finished for an overall premium build.
    The Pocket 3 has a fingerprint sensor for faster logins and increased security. Pocket 3 comes with AAC linear stereo speakers from Germany. With the equivalent to a 0.9cc sound cavity) giving a strong and clear output.

    The Win 3 has a 10000mAh (38.5Wh) high-capacity battery that allows for between 3 hours (heavy processor usage) to 10 hours (light usage) of battery life. The Pocket 3 uses a 45W PD fast charge over USB-C and is compatible with any USB-C  PD standard 45W chargers or power banks.
    Additionally, the Win 3 has an 8-inch H-IPS screen at 1920x1200 resolution with 284ppi pixel density and 500 nit brightness. The screen also has fully featured 10 point touch capability and compatibility with touch pens using Microsoft MPP 2.0 protocol.

    Ports, Connectivity and other

    The Pocket 3 come with three USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, all with a 10Gbps transfer rate. It also has an HDMI 2.0b port for video, a 3.5mm audio jack, and an RJ45/Ethernet Cable port for wired internet connections. Finally, it also has a multipurpose Thunderbolt 4 port, which can be used for charging the device, video output, eGPU usage, among other purposes.
    It supports Wifi 6E 2.4G/5G/6G, Dual Frequency Band and Dual Channel, as well as featuring Bluetooth 5.2. The Pocket 3 supports TPM 2 and by extension the installation of  Windows 11 and its android subsystem.







  • Video/Youtube Reviews

    Note: These reviews were largely on early models some of which which were set on lower TDP settings (battery saver/limited performance), with new models being set to max TDP settings out of the box.


  • Warranty 

    Our computers come with a 15-month warranty against manufacturer defects and faults. Just have it shipped to our workshop in Adelaide and we will take a look and have it sorted out. We will refund, replace or repair the item/unit based on the damage or issues present.

    For most minor, out of warranty repairs we only charge for the cost of replacement parts, and in some cases may waive repair costs entirely.

    The vast majority of issues tend to be a relatively simple fix or part replacement and are generally done within 1-2 days. More significant damage or issues can take longer depending on their nature. Replacement/repaired items are posted back with AusPost Express.


    We have a 14-day return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return. Depending on the condition it is received in, we may charge a refurbishment fee and or restocking fee. To start a return contact us through our website or at

    If you have any further questions feel free to email us at

  •  About Us

    We are NomadTechnology - a distributor and reseller of ultraportable microcomputers - particularly, high-performance or industry-purpose computers microcomputers, and their associated accessories.  Based out of a workshop in the heart of Adelaide, we have grown from serving a small local audience to becoming GPDs major distributor in Australia, and operating sales in every Australian State.

    We may have grown from our humble roots, but we are still focused on giving the same customer support whether you are local who visits our shop every week, or in a small rural town 2000km away. We provide full support and warranty for our products (and may occasionally be able to help out with a bit of tech support for the devices).

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