Collection: Portable Monitor Sets

A portable monitor can extend an existing laptop setup, without sacrificing portability or usability. It can give an extra dimension for travelling businessmen, designers, people working from home, gamers, or anyone who needs a boost to their productivity on the go.

While not a new phenomenon, portable monitors have made strides in usability and most importantly affordability. The wide range of image sensors available on the market combined with the widespread adoption of USB-C has fostered a submarket of significantly more functional and affordable high-resolution portable monitors. These monitors are imported in conjunction with our partners at Elecrow.

These monitors are suitable for those who feel that their laptop does not afford them enough screen real estate but are not satisfied with existing static monitors/solutions, or those who need to add (or replace) a screen to an existing system such as Mac Minis, Raspberry Pis, Intel NUCs, and gaming consoles.