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Our compact computers offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and portability without constricting performance. This offers an opportunity for almost any company to improve productivity and flexibility.

This stands strongly now more than ever due to recent events requiring many employees to work from home. We have the resources and solutions to make this  transition as easily and painless as possible, whether using products and solution that we already offer, or with a tailor made solution for your company or enterprise.

Additionally we have a larger offering of products which are available only to out corporate and wholesale clients. These are largely the result of special agreements for custom tailored solutions to meet our clients needs - if our current offerings are not sufficient, we are able to draw on our own capabilities to either source a solution, or have one created if need be.

Leave your information below and we can get in contact and organize a solution, as well as booking a showing and a member of sales to visit if need be.

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