About Nomad Technology

We are distributor and reseller of ultraportable microcomputers - in particular, high performance or industry purpose computers, and their associated accessories. We provide full support and warranty for our products.

We have aimed to remove the uncertainty and risk of these new classes of products, in particular due to how awful the process tends to be when buying from Australia - foreign producers with little to no need to observe Australian warranty requirements, and when available can be unreliable and untimely with the repair process.

We are based out of our location in Adelaide, where we store and ship all of our products, as well as having our workshop and offices. Originally focused on a local niche audience, eventually the pressures of the pandemic had pushed us and our customers online. Since then we have found a strong audience across Australia, and while retaining our the heart of the company, have been able to reach a much larger audience.

We may have grown from our humble roots, but we are still focused on giving the same customer support whether you are local who visits our shop every week, or in a small rural town 2000km away. We provide full support and warranty for our products (and may occasionally be able to help out with a bit of tech support for the devices).