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GPD Win 3 Windows Handheld [i7-1195G7 16GB/1TB]

GPD Win 3 Windows Handheld [i7-1195G7 16GB/1TB]

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  • Description

    The Win 3 is the latest installment in GPDs Win series of Windows gaming devices, what started out with low-performance computers that could only run outdated and older titles, to now being able to effectively rival the performance of a Desktop Computer and comfortably running the latest titles and AAA games at high settings. The Win3 is the pinnacle of ultraportable gaming with today's technology.

    The Win 3 is in a super compact handheld form factor (heavily based on the Sony UX PDA) includes not only a full controller but also a keyboard under the sliding screen. With an up to 5GHz quad-core octuple thread processor, the ability to use inbuilt graphics or almost any external GPU, 16GB of Ram, and 1 TB of storage - There is very little that the Win 3 is not capable of doing.

    Processor & Thermal Design

    The win 3 has the Intel Gen 11 Tiger Lake-U series  i7-1195g7 processor, a quad-core, octuple thread processor, running up to 5 GHz, matching the performance of most mid to high-end desktops in multi-core performance, and surpassing all but the newest desktop processors in single-core performance/speed. For comparison to desktop processors, it has the same performance in multi-core as the I7-8700H Desktop processor, and up to 45% better performance in single thread.

    To make the most of this the WIn 3 has a fan with a liquid-vapor cooling system allowing it to maximize the performance from its components, without any limitations from its form factor. TDP (Thermal Design Power) is set with three different thresholds, 15-18W, 18-22W, 22-28W. This allows users to enter in the BIOS to set the TDP of their choice.






    The Win 3 is also fitted with Intel Gen12 Iris Xe Graphics running at up to 1.3ghz. This was a bit higher performance than the MX350 GPUs, but about equivalent to/ slightly lower performance as the MX450 GPU.  While good enough for most games, the Win 3 additionally has the ability to take almost any desktop GPU externally with an external GPU adapter through its usb4 interface (contact us at to get our latest offerings on those, as they tend to change from month to month)

    The Win 3 has One Terabyte of SSD storage, with an M.2 NVMe SSD that has a read rate of 2k-7.8k MB/s (fast enough to match the USB4 interface). The SSD can be further upgraded with any single-sided M.2 2280 SSD of the same format.

    Additionally, to take maximum advantage of the processor the Win3 has 16GB of onboard LPDDR4x 4266 ram, to provide low latency, and to avoid any performance bottlenecks.




    The Win3 is designed with a lightweight 550g design, with a full controller inbuilt, full keyboard, and custom back buttons. The main body uses LG-DOW 121H aviation-grade ABS synthetic resin - for reference the same materials used in our MicroPC durable industrial purpose computers. It has dual rumble motors, and a full linear stereo speaker with a large sound cavity, giving it much louder and clear sounds than previous generations that had standard stereo speakers. The Win 3 has a 46 Watt-hour battery and takes any 65-watt USB-C charger. The Win 3 takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to charge and the battery will generally last between 3 hours (heavy use) to 14 hours (light use), but this can vary heavily depending on the workload applied.

    Under the sliding screen, there is a haptic keyboard with capacitive buttons (a flat interface with a vibration motor to imitate mechanical button pressing). The keyboard is great for smaller writing tasks, and light usage (not recommended for any typing heavy work) Additionally the Keyboard has backlighting for easy use in low light conditions. 





    Connectivity/Ports/Other Parts

    In addition to the keyboard and controller, there are two custom buttons on the back that can be mapped to commonly used keys. These are usually mapped to keys such as ESC or SHIFT (eg to pause the game) to use when gaming when the screen is usually down and covering the keyboard. To simplify logins the Win 3 also has a fingerprint sensor for use with Windows Hello.

    The screen on the Win3 is a 5.5 inch 268 PPI screen at a 1280×720 resolution (H-IPS,  5th generation Corning Gorilla Glass, NTSC: 84%, and the ability to mirror to up to an 8k screen or 4 different screens depending on the connections used.

    The Win 3 supports 2.4G/5G Dual-band wifi and Bluetooth 5.0, 3MB/s transmission speed, with local GPS capacity within 1 meter, long-distance communication of up to 300 meters, and up to 7 Bluetooth devices can be connected.

    In terms of ports, it has an Audio Jack and USB 3.2 interface on the top, a MicroSD card slot, and a USB 4 port on the bottom (The same format as USB-C, can compatible with any USB-C charger).

    The transfer rate of USB4 is still the same 40Gbps as TB3, but with the PCIe 4.0 bandwidth doubled, and the maximum transfer rate supported by each connected device is increased to 32Gbps (4GB/s). The power of EGPU setups will be much better utilized because of the increased bandwidth over the older TB3.

    Additional ports are added by the Win 3 base (deluxe version)

    1×USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C 

    3×USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A 

    1×HDMI 2.0b 


    Manufacturer Specifications and Supporting Information.


    Touch Panel:    Yes

    Screen Type:    Corning Gorilla Glass 5,H-IPS Technology

    Screen Size:    5.5 Inches

    Aspect Ratio:    16:9

    Screen Resolution:    1280×720

    Pixels Per Inch:    268PPI



    Product model:    Intel Core i7-1195G7

    # of Cores / # of Threads:    4 / 8

    Processor Base Frequency:    2.90 GHz

    Turbo Boost:    5.00 GHz

    Level 2:    5 MB

    Level 3:    12 MB | 8 MB

    Bus Speed:    4 GT/s OPI

    Core Architecture:    Tiger Lake-U

    Lithography:    10nm

    TDP:    Three levels: 15-20W, 20-25W, 25-28W, Adjusted in BIOS



    Graphics Card:    Integrated Graphics

    Processor Graphics:    Intel Iris Xe Graphics

    Graphics Base Frequency:    400 MHz

    Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency:    1400 MHz

    Execution Unit:    96 EUs

    Video Memory:    Shared Memory

    4K Image resolution:    Yes

    HDMI 2.0b Format:    "4Kx2K @48-60Hz 24bpp (RGB/YUV444)

     4Kx2K @48-60Hz: 12bpc (YUV420)"

    DP 1.4, eDP 1.4b
    eDP: 4096x2304@60Hz 36bpp
    DP: 7680x4320@60Hz 24bpp

    DirectX:    DX12.1



    Memory:    16GB

    Memory Types:    LPDDR4x-4266

    Memory Dual Channel:    Yes

    Hard Disk Type:    M.2 SSD

    Hard Disk Interface:    Socket 3

    Hard Disk Specifications:    PCIe 3.0/4.0 M.2 2280, Only Supports Single-Side Device Layouts

    Standard Capacity:    1TB, Replaceable, No Capacity Limit

    Bus Specification:    PCIe Gen 4.0 × 4

    Transfer Protocol:    NVMe 1.3 / 1.4


    Multimedia support    

    Audio System:    Built-in Sound Chip

    Loudspeakers:    Built-in Dual Speakers

    Microphone:    Built-in microphone


    Network Communications    

    Wi-Fi:    Wi-Fi 6

    MU-MIMO:    Yes

    Wired network card:    10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet card (Integrated with The Base with the Ethernet Cable Interface)

    Bluetooth:    5


    I/O Interface    (Includes Ports added by base)

    Data / Charging:    1×USB4 Added by Base:[1×USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, 4×USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A]

    microSDXC Slot :   Supported

    Video Interface:    1×USB4 (Full USB Speed), 1×HDMI 2.0b (Provided By The Base)

    Ethernet Interface:    1×RJ45 (Provided By The Base)

    Audio Port:    1×3.5mm Headphone/Microphone Combo Interface


    I/O Device    

    Keyboard:    White Backlit Touch Keyboard (Hidden), QWERTY Keyboard Design

    Mouse:    The Joystick Simulates A Mouse, Requires Switching The Mode From Handle/Mouse

    Fingerprint Recognition:    Yes

    Joystick:    ALPS Original Dual 3D Joysticks, Natively Supports L3/R3

    D-Pad:    Siamese Arrow Keys

    Game Function Buttons:    ABXY/△○×□  , Select, Start, Controller Home

    Game Accessories Buttons:    L1/L2/R1/R2 (L2/R2 Are The Analog Signal Buttons),

    Handle Vibration:    Double Vibration Motor

    Other Keys:    "Volume +/- Buttons, Power Button, Gamepad/Mouse Switch Button, 2 Custom Physical Buttons"

    Speaker:  2 Pcs

    Indicator Lamps:    Charging Indicator, Running Indicator



    Battery Type:    Li-polymer

    Battery Capacity:    45.62Wh, 11.55V==3950mAh×3 Series

    Battery Life:    3 Hours Of Heavy Use, 6-8 Hours Of Moderate Use, 14 Hours Of Light Use, Depending On The Specific Environment Of Use



    Net Weight:    560g

    Length:    198mm

    Width:    92mm

    Thickness:    27mm

    Shell Material:    LG-DOW 121H Aviation ABS, UL94-V0, Magnesium Alloy

    Shell Color:    All Black, Silver Black

    Thermal Design:    Active Cooling, Big Fan + Dual Heat Pipe

    Sensor:    Hall Sensor,G-sensor



    Package Specifications:    GPD WIN 3 × 1, Australian Charger, 65 W EU Charger + Adapter, Product Manual ×1


    Warranty Information (NomadTechnology)   

    Warranty Policy:    Australian Warranty

    Warranty Time:    Device 15 months

    Australian Website:


  • Video/Youtube Reviews

    Note: these reviews are largely dealing with the release version of the Win 3, we stock the latest October 2021 revision, which is a bit more improved and a bit more powerful than the older editions. Nonetheless, these reviews will still be largely accurate.


  • Warranty 

    Our computers come with a 15-month warranty against manufacturer defects and faults. Just have it shipped to our workshop in Adelaide and we will take a look and have it sorted out. We will refund, replacement or repair the item/unit based on the damage or issues present.

    For most minor , out of warranty repairs we only charge for the cost of replacement parts, and in some cases may waive repair costs entirely.

    The vast majority of issues tend to be a relatively simple fix or part replacement and are generally done within 1-2 days. More significant damage or issues can take longer depending on their nature. Replacement/repaired items are posted back with AusPost Express.


    We have a 14-day return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return. Depending on the condition it is received in, we may charge a refurbishment fee and or restocking fee. To start a return contact us through our website or at .

    If you have any further questions feel free to email us at .

  •  About Us

    We are NomadTechnology - a distributor and reseller of ultraportable microcomputers - particularly, high-performance or industry-purpose computers microcomputers, and their associated accessories.  Based out of a workshop in the heart of Adelaide, we have grown from serving a small local audience to becoming GPDs major distributor in Australia, and operating sales in every Australian State.

    We may have grown from our humble roots, but we are still focused on giving the same customer support whether you are local who visits our shop every week, or in a small rural town 2000km away. We provide full support and warranty for our products (and may occasionally be able to help out with a bit of tech support for the devices).

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