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GPD Pocket 2 Ultra portable Productivity Laptop

GPD Pocket 2 Ultra portable Productivity Laptop

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The Pocket 2 is a small but compelling, potent, and vigorous windows 10 laptop that not only fits all the functions and performance of a standard productivity Laptop, but the Pocket 2 achieves all of this in a pocket-sized package!

You will no longer have to worry about where you can work. The Pocket 2 was manufactured so that you can work wherever and whenever you want, and is flexible enough to excel in almost any role or environment, acting as your mobile office wherever you take it.

The Pocket 2 is the result of the considerations of not just productivity, but efficiency and performance in the most convenient form factor possible.




Despite its size, the Pocket 2 still retains a fair amount of ports. It provides 1x USB C, for charging type-C devices, 2x standard USB type-B, 1xMicro SD, and an audio Jack. Whether you need to plug in a keyboard or a mouse, the Pocket 2 Ultra has all of your necessities covered.

The Pocket 2 supports fast charging based on the PD 2.0 protocol and can be charged to half its battery in 30 minutes.

Furthermore, the Pocket 2 also supports almost all mobile phone chargers and mobile power banks. This allows the sharing of a power adapter for both the Pocket 2 and a cellphone. This allows it to be charged almost anywhere (even being able to charge from a USB port for phones).



The Pocket 2 Ultra utilizes a one-piece CNC machined body with a magnesium-aluminum alloy. Because of its small size, you can pick the device up with one hand or put it in a coat or trouser pocket. The Pocket 2 is similar to a cell phone, all while retaining the power and functionality of a full-sized laptop.

The Pocket 2 has a unique vigorous complete qwerty keyboard, which was manufactured to allow for deep keycap movement.

Features an optical trackpad that behaves like a scaled-down trackpad, allowing for full mouse movement, as well as left and right clicks, which are also supported by the menu bar above the keyboard. 

Supports 10 point touch on its touchscreen, with pressure sensitivity and stylus support.

Features a unique “one-button fan mute” mode, giving the option of maximizing performance with fan operation or minimizing noise with no fan operation rather than being forced to choose one of the two.   

The Pocket 2 has a 7-inch IPS 1920x1200 resolution screen at 323 PPI screen. The IPS-based screen has viewing angles up to 178° in either the horizontal or vertical. The use of the In-Cell full lamination allows the Pocket 2 to have a thinner screen, thus reducing the weight of the device.

With a screen border of only 4mm, the Pocket 2 delivers an almost borderless viewing experience.


CPU and Graphics

The Pocket 2 utilizes:

  • The latest variant Pocket 2 that we stock has been upgraded to the 8th generation Intel core m3-8100Y processor running between 1.1 GHz and 3.5 GHz, with a dual-core four-thread design. The core has a UHD Graphics 615 core display, 24 EU execution units, and a maximum 900MHz dynamic frequency.

  • An active cooling system utilizing a liquid-vapor heat piping solution and a turbofan+heat-sink to keep the components cool to significantly improve performance, all despite its tiny size.

Memory and Storage

The Pocket 2 On-board storage is capable of sequential read speeds of 504MB/s and a sequential write speed of 403MB/s, with a total of 512GB of storage.

Compared with the previous generation Pocket 1, the read-write speeds have increased substantially. The new innovations and improvements have significantly decreased boot-up and software loading time, increasing efficiency and productivity.

The Pocket 2 mounts 8 GB of DDR3 Ram directly on its motherboard to minimize latency and maximize performance.


The Pocket 2 Ultra has a 6800 mah battery

This provides the Pocket 2 Ultra with 25-watt hours of battery

There are between 4 to 8 hours of charge depending on the workload applied.

Wifi and Bluetooth

The Pocket 2 Ultra supports 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi and includes Bluetooth with ipv6 support.


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