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The CrowPi 2 was designed with the intention to ease the hassle of learning, with in built lessons covering the basics of RaspberryPi, Arduino AI, Python, Scratch and much more. Designed to be a much more practical and hands on experience than standard programming courses, while still being something that can be picked up with minimal prerequisite knowledge or expertise.

Whether you want to learn, explore, or have fun, the CrowPi 2 is the perfect fit for you! You can now assemble a computer with ease, learn how to program with our in-depth and easy step-by-step tutorials, modify games, and free your imagination!
Featuring 22 kinds of common sensors& modules, and independently developed software, CrowPi2 is exactly what you need to discover all the joys of Raspberry Pi.


Why you should choose the CrowPi 2
  1. The CrowPi2 Allows a hands on learning experience with direct access to an array of physical sensors and modules built in to the computer.
  2. Equipped with a brand new learning system with built-in step-by-step detailed tutorials that can click and play, with very little previous experience required.
  3. Helps you learn python, scratch, and other programming languages and their abilities to interact with data and external sensors.
  4. You can modify games through programming on the laptop.
  5. Bored? You can even watch movies and play games!

Can be used for programming, modifying games, playing games, or use it as a regular laptop. Involves Learning AI that will allow you to learn how to program AI!

Integrated Face Recognition Software, which allows operations such as
  1. Installing OpenCV 3
  2. Test Camera
  3. Face Detection
  4. Data collection
  5. Face recognizer
 Integrated Voice Recognition Software has operations such as
  1. Waking up the Crow Pi 2
  2. Weather recognition
  3. Lights up RGB
  4. Integrated applications
  5. Unlock specific devices through face recognition. Not just for mobile phones, but for remote control car toys as well.
The integrated Sensors allows you to:
  1.  Control the camera
  2. Capture pictures
  3. Control camera recording

What Else Can CrowPi2 Do

  • Used for STEM education, the self-developed software is mainly for learning ScratchPythonAI, and Minecraft step-by-step via an engaging dialogue teaching mode. (For a better experience, we recommend using Raspberry Pi 4B 2G or above.)



 Set the CrowPi2 up as a laptop.


Create your own DIY circuits on the breadboard.




Play games (RetroPie system and controllers included in deluxe version)



    Programming for Arduino, Micro:bit, and BeagleBone.


       Make a piano using different fruits.


      Face recognition

      Voice recognition

      20 projects show, with one button to run respectively.

      Set up Light sensors



      Measure distances



      Other Features That Make CrowPi2 Special 
      11.6-inch 1920*1080 IPS screen, 2MP camera, microphone, and stereo output built-in.


      The wireless keyboard detaches from the body or stays connected via magnet.


      Get started via one-step installation (of Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B+, 3B)


      Comes with a specially customized design bin for power bank (or components), use it anywhere you want.



      Switch between projects using one button and get creative using Raspberry PI GPIO pins, all of which connect to the on-board sensors or function as independent outputs.


      Abundant lessons to learn to code quickly, 32 python lessons to teach you to start coding with on-board sensors step by step from easy to difficult.

      32 python lesson list

      16 Scratch lessons that focus on the basics of graphical programming and how to interact with on-board sensors step by step. 

      16 scratch lessons list

      16 Detailed Minecraft lessons for you to create your buildings step by step.


      12 Face recognition and speech recognition lessons to teach you how to build AI projects


      AI voice recognition lessons

      12 AI lessons list

      18 small games written by Python for you to explore. 



      Offline account management for saving learning progress, achievements and conveniently continuing education. This feature allows many users to share a CrowPi2, while keeping all of their personal files and work separate. Everyone can create their own credentials, keeping their learning progress in a private folder, allowing for multiple users with individual work spaces.


      Supporting multiple operating systems



      Feature Overview:


      So what are you waiting for?
      Free your imagination and be more creative with CrowPi 2!
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