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GPD WIN 2 Windows Handheld Console


The WIN 2 comes in a compact form while avoiding sacrificing vital game play experience. The WIN 2’s lightweight design and heavyweight hardware processing power allows it to achieve ultimate compactness with minimum heat output and a long battery life.

We understand the struggle to play popular games on a portable system, as even the smallest of gaming Laptops end up being too unweildly to be truly portable.

The Win2 was made to we a portable gaming device a real sense. Not only that but the heat-dissipation, power consumption, device weight, portability, battery-life and other indicators were taken into account while inventing the Win 2. The Win2 was manufactured by GPD to meet those demands the gaming community has sought after for so long.




GPD WIN 2 Features




The WIN 2 is equipped with a 6-inch touch screen from the Sharp Corporation with a viewing angle up to 178°. The screens area has been increased by 9% compared to the previous generation WIN 1. It also utilizes In-Cell full lamination technology and fourth generation Corning Gorilla Glass. With a screen resolution of 1280×720, it has a ppi 2.53 times greater than that of a typical 24-Inch desktop monitor. The WIN 2 also has a capacitive touch screen.


Equipped with the eighth gen of Amber Lake Intel   Core™ m3-8100Y Processor, with a high performance close to Intel   Core™ i7-3770K. Its single-core performance is of 1344 points tested by CPU-Z.  


Equipped with the 9th generation of Intel UHD Graphics 615, with 24 EU execution units and a maximum dynamic frequency to 900MHz.

Heat dissipation

Designed with a novel PC-class cooling solution, with 15W designed power consumption and high-power turbofans with the speed dynamically ranging from 2000~10000rpm.


The framework of the cover is a light, strong magnesium alloy material to avoid deformation- induced screen bending.


For lightweight design, the machine’s body uses ABS material. The 3D rocker is still of sink-style design. Unique arc metallic film keys, more suitable for blind operation.  The machine body, keyboard and handle are in a highly uniformed color, made to bring out the best of the design. With an elegant appearance, matte UV spray provides you with a delicate feel.



At the back of machine, the trigger key L1/L2/L3, and R1/R2/R3 are arranged on both sides. At the same time, all the interfaces are designed on the back, in the order of Type C, 3.5mm headphone, USB 3.0, Micro SD card, Micro HDMI and hot air outlet, with a quite compact layout, bringing out the best of the design.


The Win2 has a maximum battery life of 6 hours under medium stress. In order to extend the battery-life, WIN 2 uses 2×4900mAh large-capacity and high-density polymer lithium battery, with 7.6V voltage output, 37.24 Wh of power and 600Wh/L energy density. 


Equipped with 6-inch Super-Shine View from Sharp Corporation, with the viewing area increased by 109% compared to the previous generation; Using the In-Cell full lamination technology, the screen is thinner due to the reduction of a piece of glass. By applying the fourth generation of Corning gorilla glass screen, the intact rate of 1-meter drop test is as high as 80%. The resolution is 1280×720, with its definition 2.53 times as that of the 24-Inch desktop monitor, and the level of viewing angle is up to 178°; At the same time, the touch screen operation is also supported by WIN 2.


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